Body Armour

Some of the things you need to know before you can select the right body armour, also known as a bulletproof vest, flak jacket, bullet resistant armour, combat armour, under armour, combat vest or bullet resistant vest, is "What Threat Level?" are you likely to face and "What size are you?".


The female measure sheet and male measure sheet can be filled out online, then emailed to us. It can be filled out online, printed then faxed. Or it can be printed, filled out then faxed.


The choice between covert and tactical armour is governed primarily by the threat level you are likely to face and the type of duties you are involved in.


Please take the time to look at our Care and Maintenance page. There is some very useful information for wearing body armour and how to protect it when you take it off so it continues to protect you.


On the Ammunition Guide page you will find a full list of all factory ammunition that each N.I.J. level defeats. Compare your own firearm to the list to help you identify your minimum level of protection in body armour.


Remember that your body armour can protect you from more than ballistic threats providing you're actually wearing it. Body Armour Endorsement from Police Member.



Covert Range Body Armour:
Fixed Cover.
Removable Cover
Tactical Conversion
Plate Carrier
Ballistic models available in N.I.J. Level II & IIIA.
Ballistic package: 100% Dyneema®


Tactical Range Body Armour:





Available in N.I.J. Level II and IIIA.

Ballistic package: 100% Dyneema®

General Duties Body Armour:

Available in N.I.J. Level II and IIIA.
Ballistic package: 100% Dyneema®

Hard Armour:

All types and threat levels available.

Training Vests:

Full range of training equipment available for all body armour models.

Security Escort

N.I.J. Level IIIA Ballistic Portfolio.