Covert Body Armour

Ultralite "FC"

Covert Body Armour with

Fixed Covers

The ULTRALITE series of covert body armour has a combined carrier-cover to provide ease of maintenance and eliminate the bulkiness associated with separate carrier-cover models. It offers maximum comfort, flexibility, convenience and maintenance. Also available with removable covers.

Ultralite "RC"

Covert Body Armour with

Removable Covers

Available in N.I.J. Level II and IIIA. Also available as ballistic/anti-knife combination & anti-knife only.

Ballistic Package:

All Ultralite models use 100% Dyneema® SB31 non-woven fabric.

Other ballistic packages are available.

Ballistic Package Warranty: 10 years.

Available Models:

Fixed Cover

Removable Cover

Tactical Conversion

Plate Carrier