Anti-Ballistic Body Armour Endorsement

Armoured Vest Saves Policeman In Stabbing Attack

Con. Peter Tellam SAPOL
Con. Pete Tellam South Australian Police:"....I am more than willing to vouch for your product as I can honestly and most sincerely say IT BLOODY WORKS.... Thank you just doesn't seem enough...." May 2003
News Paper Clipping

Forensic Scientist:

"....On the protective vest, there were a series of five horizontal cuts varying in length between 13 and 1.5 mm....."

Statement of Constable Peter Tellam: "I chased the male several metres along Alpha St. I saw him turn east into the driveway of units where upon he slipped and fell to the ground. I then gained on him and as he stood up I reached him and went to grab hold of him. At this point the male punched backwards holding a metallic object in his right hand and hit me in the lower chest area with some force then continued to run east along the units driveway"..........

"Then I saw my shirt had been 'slashed', with a two inch perpendicular cut mark across my lower stomach area, and my personal issue 'ballistic/stab vest' had defeated a sharp object attack with no injury to myself." .......

"As a result of this assault on me I received no injuries, however both my police shirt and vest cover were damaged and required replacement/repair."