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8th of April 2009

TOTE Is Awarded New ISO 9001.2008 Certification


Following a follow-up audit by International Certifications Ltd. it was determined that TOTE's previously ISO 9001:2000 quality management system (QMS) meets the current requirement's for the new standard ISO 9001:2008 for its complete range of Police and Military products and services and it has passed with flying colours.

With regards to the changes referred to in the new ISO 9001:2008 standard, TOTE's award of this updated certification confirms that:

  • The design and implementation of the quality management system takes into consideration the organisational environment, changes in that environemnt and the risks associated with that environment
  • Outsourced processes that affect product conformity are controlled; the type and extent of control applied to these outsourced processes is defined within the quality management system. The management of the risks associated with these outsourced processes is also deemed effective and satisfactory
  • Documents of external origin necessary for the planning and operation of the quality management system are well identified and their distribution controlled
  • Personnel performing work directly or indirectly affecting conformity to product requirements have been assessed as competent on the basis of appropriate education, training, skills and experience
  • The effectiveness of staff training of those involved in assuring conformity to product requirements was evaluated and deemed satisfactory
  • The product is identified by suitable means throughout product development and production
  • Computer software in use has been certified to contain suitable verification and configuration management properties as required
  • The type and extent of monitoring or measurement appropriate to each process in relation to its impact on the conformity to product requirements and on the effectiveness of the quality management system is satisfactory
  • Corrective or preventive actions are reviewed and evaluated for effectiveness

We believe we are one of the first companies in Australia to be certified to this new standard.

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20th of September 2006

We Have Moved

Our new Head Quarters is strategically located just next to the M1 about half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The purpose designed and constructed building has tripled our floor area allowing us to implement many new lean manufacturing techniques and procedures that will integrate with our new machinery.

The building also houses a state of the art test range used by Ballistic Edge Research Laboratory.

“This move was inevitable,” said Mark Ogilvie (Managing Director) “ Our growth is directly related to the increased requirements for homeland security and our own product development and marketing program.”

“The increased business, new machinery and additional space required to store materials made the decision to purpose build an easy one.

We are looking forward to being able to further improve our level of customer service and satisfaction.”

See our new contact details.

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20th of September 2006

Land Warfare Conference 2006

Tote Systems Australia and Ballistic Edge Research Laboratory display stands 101 & 102 Defence conference and exhibition 24-27 October 2006 being held at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition centre.

Restricted entry to bona fide personnel only.

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13th of April 2006

New Weapons Clearance Station

This is the upgraded version of the successful WCS-02 that has been in service with the Queensland Police since 2000.

The changes are only superficial and mostly designed to simplify the manufacturing process and that enables us to keep the pricing at a more competitive level.

The new WCS-03 is slightly smaller than the WCS-02 and also weights a little less at only 4.0 Kg.

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6th of February 2006

Hi speed patrol boats protected by armour panels made by Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. using DSM's Dyneema® brand High Performance Polethylene (HPPE).

This week Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. commenced the supply of lightweight armour panels that will be used to armour a large fleet of Hi Speed patrol boats.

These boats will be used in highly dangerous locations and the armour needed to offer a suitable level of protection at a weight that would not hinder the boat’s performance.

Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. armour panels manufactured using DSM's Dyneema® HPPE were chosen due to the speed with which Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. provided a solution that met and exceeded the customer’s specifications which included.

  • Weight to meet threat level
  • Thickness of the panel
  • Durability in a Marine environment
  • Value for money
  • Speed of production

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6th of February 2006

Steelite 2™

Steelite 2™ offers ballistic and knife protection in one of the lightest and most flexible vests available today.

Towards the end of this month you will see the release of this new model in the Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. range of Body armour.

The Steelite 2™ provides protection that meets NIJ level II and PSDB KR1 @ under 6 kg/m2.

Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. is proud to say that we cooperate with leading global suppliers of protective materials in the development and marketing of these exciting dual protection vests, and is the only producer of bullet resistant vests with such a cooperation agreement in Australia and New Zealand.

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6th of February 2006

Contract Fabric Cutting Services

One local military equipment manufacturer has already taken advantage of Tote’s high volume cutting service.

The CEO of the company contracting Tote said: "The speed and accuracy provided by this CAD/CAM system has saved us an enormous amount of time as well as freeing up extra staff for the sewing part of the production."

"This has allowed us to beat the strict DOD contract delivery dead lines."

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1st of January 2006

A big Happy New Year to everyone.

We are off to a great start to the New Year and have several new products and innovative concepts for release throughout the next 6 months.

Firstly we will be expanding our soft armour range with a variety of new ballistic and anti knife models.

There will be 7 new models available ranging from budget based through to a super light weight premium model.

Some of these new models will also incorporate new patented fabrics and technologies some of which Tote will have exclusive access.

Starting this month we will be offering two models using ballistic panels made 100% out of Dyneema®.

Our current premium model: Ultralite™ 3A, using 100% Dyneema® SB31 has been newly certified to NIJ 0101.04 (A&B) level IIIA and with an Ariel density of 4.75 kg/m2 this model is still one of the lightest and most comfortable available.

The new model: XLlite3A, using 100% Dyneema® SB21 also certified to NIJ 0101.04 (A&B) level IIIA. This model is slightly heavier at 4.9 kg/m2, but this extra weight is offset by the lower price.

To further enhance our armour range we will be offering our new Sweat Management System.

Keep your eye on our web site for further developments and innovations.

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14th of December 2005

Statement from Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. CEO Mark Ogilvie.

In relation to the recent TV and news media reports regarding Queensland Police Body Armour. The Kevlar® Body Armour referred to was NOT manufactured, sold or supplied by Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd.

All the Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. Body Armour used by specialist units of the Australian and New Zealand Police, contain Dyneema® an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) unidirectional material. Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. has supplied the vests with a 10 year warranty.

Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. is a Queensland based 100% Australian owned and operated company that designs and manufactures the lightest weight Body Armour available from an Australian manufacturer.

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19th of August 2005

Research Program of used Armour

In our continuous search for development and innovation Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. is conducting testing on body armour of our customers after several years of using the armour.

The vests that have been in extended use by Australian Officers would offer the most value in the test program due to the extreme conditions that they have been used in.

We are now tracking down sufficient vests in both covert and overt models, as follows: Manufactured between December 1992 and December 1996.

Ballistic Edge Body Armour made by Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd.


  • Auslite 3A+
  • Auslite 3A
  • Auslite 2A
  • Auslite 2
  • Fxlite 3A
  • Fxlite 2
  • Fxlite 2A

Please contact us if you have one of these models and would like to be involved in the test program.

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18th of August 2005

Armour Cool™

The Armour Cool™ brand vest has been designed specifically for use under body armour and has been tested to ensure anti-ballistic integrity is maintained.

We have utilised high technology fabrics that combine natural and synthetic fibres to ensure the best possible solution for cooling the wearer of body armour.

This technology offers the wearer these benefits:

  • Superior temperature and humidity control,
  • Unique moisture vapour and wicking properties,
  • Better thermal regulation,
  • Buffered micro climate around the body,
  • Will cool you when it is hot,
  • Will warm you when cold and,
  • Additional crystal/gel system for active cooling or heating.

The additional crystal sachets can be inserted into the internal pockets of the vest and then "activated" to a gel state by immersion in water.

Once activated the gel can be cooled by refrigeration or iced water immersion giving you active cooling for several hours. Which Can decrease the skin temperature by up to 17°C. For warming immerse in hot water or use a microwave to give active heating.

Warning: Do not use the activated gel in a frozen state under body armour as it can act as secondary projectiles on ballistic impact.

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August 2003

Armour So Light It Floats!

Queensland Water Police Officer floating in the water with Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. body armour on.

When the Queensland Water Police recently purchased new body armour that floats they joined the growing ranks of police and specialist groups who have chosen innovative designed products from Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd.

This body armour, which uses a hi-tech anti-ballistic material “so light that it floats but is 15 times the strength of steel” is half the weight of current Queensland Police issue body armour and still provides protection against high-powered rifles.

Company director, Mark Ogilvie, states that Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. have designs to suit all needs, including specialized anti-knife and anti-ballistic ‘floating armour’ (currently in use by Australian Customs Service) or hard armour to defeat armour piercing ammunition.

A large amount of time and money has been invested on research and development which enables the company to continuously offer the most technically advanced materials and innovative products for the police and security professionals of tomorrow.

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October 2002

Victorian Police Like It Light

Tote Systems is proud to be selected by the majority of members from the Victorian Police as their preferred choice in the Victorian Police tender for personal issue Body Armour. Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. armour offered the highest level of protection (even stopping the .44 mag.) with the lightest weight and still with a high degree of wearer comfort.

The tender, for more than 8000 covert vests, was hotly contested by many large international and local armour manufacturers.

Proprietor and company director, Mark Ogilvie, who has been researching and designing personal body armour since 1990 says that his company has been at the forefront of lightweight armour designs since 1995 and the company’s performance with the VicPol tender once again proves that a small innovative company with a well designed product can match it and win against the big international companies.

Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. commitment to quality and innovation has already been recognised by the New Zealand and Singapore police departments and our export credibility has been further enhanced by our selection in a tender of this magnitude.

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