General Duties Body Armour

MF-ACMU body armour

with groin protector extended

as worn by

Australian Customs Service

Marine Unit.

The MF-AT style of body armour has been designed to provide the end user with maximum adjustment in each size range.

User comfort and wearability has always been a prime concern of Tote Systems' design team who regularly consult with law enforcement bodies in Australia to continually monitor and improve the design.

We believe the MF-AT range has fully achieved this goal.


MF-AT body armour.

Tactical Range:

MF-AT Zero No plate pocket

MF-AT1 Front plate pocket

MF-AT2 Front & rear plate pocket

MF-ACMU MF-AT2 customised





Ballistic Package Warranty: 10 years.

Carrier/cover: 1 year fair wear and tear.

Ballistic Package:

All Ultralite models use 100% Dyneema® SB31 non-woven fabric.

Other ballistic or anti-knife packages are available.