Tactical Body Armour

MF-AT3 tactical

body armour with

optional upper arm

protection and leg


The MF-AT style of body armour has been designed to provide the end user with maximum adjustment in each size range.

User comfort and wearability has always been a prime concern of Tote Systems' design team who regularly consult with law enforcement bodies in Australia to continually monitor and improve the design of it's body armour.

We believe the MF-AT body armour has fully achieved this goal.

MF-MVC tactical body

armour with back collar.

Tactical Range:





Ballistic Options:

Front Collar

Back Collar

Upper arm protection

Leg guards


Other ballistic or anti-knife packages are available.

Ballistic Package Warranty: 10 years.

Carrier/cover: 1 year fair wear and tear.

Ballistic Package:

All Ultralite models use 100% Dyneema® SB31 non-woven fabric.

Available in N.I.J. Level: II and IIIA.

Other ballistic inserts available.