Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd.
The Armour Specialists

Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. The Armour Specialists, is a Queensland based manufacturer and supplier of Police and security equipment.

The company manufactures a large range of specialist security equipment using synthetic materials for supply to State and Federal Police forces in the Pacific region. Other customers include the United Nations, Security Services, Corrective Services, Medical services and the Department of Defence.


Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. is a quality assured company that meets the rigorous requirements of ISO 9001 and is an approved Government supplier. We measure our achievement of Customer Satisfaction by the number of Clients that can be offered as references.

The company prides itself on using state of the art materials coupled with innovative design to manufacture a product that not only presents well, but is also functional and practical. The products have a wide acceptance in their designed marketplace and have proven their worth time and time again.

Tote Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. is in the forefront in design and development of Anti-Ballistic Body Armour utilising new lightweight anti-ballistic materials.

As well as manufacturing Anti-Ballistic Body Armour and Knife Resistant Armour, we also manufacture combined ant-ballistic/anti-knife body armour, land vehicle armour, watercraft armour, aircraft armour, bunker armour and armour for buildings.